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  • Bachelor of Science (or equivalent) in Statistics or Informatics or related disciplines (at least 180 ECTS or equivalent).
  • Excellent knowledge in Informatics and Statistics. Applicants need to provide evidence of knowledge in the following fields:
    • Statistical Science and Data-Based Modelling: This includes, in particular, statistics and topics such as data mining, probability theory, and machine learning (at least 30 ECTS or equivalent). (Average Grade 2)
    • Computer Science and Computational Methods: This includes, in particular, data structures and algorithms, database systems, programming principles and practice, software engineering (at least 30 ECTS or equivalent). (Average Grade 3) 
  • Overall Average Grade must be better than 1.5. The overall average grade is composed of (1) Average Grade 1: the average grade from the best performance (equivalent to 150 ECTS), (2) Average Grade 2, and (3) Average Grade 3→ Overall average grade = (Av1+Av2+Av3)/3
  • Proficiency in English: at least B2 CEFR (or equivalent); or English university entrance qualification; or first degree in English.

You need to fulfill all the requirements if you want to apply.

For information on the application process see the information slides.

You may also want to check the topics for the interviews.

For any questions regarding requirements please contact us by email: