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Before you apply

How do I convert my international grades to the German grading system?

Please use the Modified Bavarian Formula for grade conversion.


How do I convert my credits to ECTS?

A six-semester study program equals a workload of 180 ECTS. Divide this workload between the courses you took during your study program. (You should upload your calculation.)
E.g.: You received 132 credits in your three-year program. In average, you had 44 credits per year, i.e., 1 credit equals approximately 1.36 ECTS.

I do not have the required ECTS in Statistics/in Computer Science. Will my application be considered?

You need to fulfil the requirements. However, your application will be considered if your grades are excellent and you only lack a few ECTS in one of the fields.

I have a Bachelor’s degree, but not in Statistics or Computer Science. Can I apply?

Yes, if you fulfil the requirements.

I have taken online courses in Statistics/Computer Science. Will these be considered?

Yes, if they are not the only courses you have taken in the field. If the courses you have taken at the university in one field are not 30 ECTS (or equivalent), you may also list courses you have taken online. However, you should have more courses from the university than online. You also need to provide certificates of the online courses when you apply.

Do I need recommendation letters?

No. We do not ask for recommendation letters. You only need to provide the documents that are listed on the website/on the application form. Recommendation letters will not be considered in the application process.

Do I have to submit a GRE result?

No, GRE is not required.

My first degree was in English. Do I need an English language proficiency certificate?

No. If your first degree was in English, no certificate is required.

I have an IELTS score/a TOEFL score? How do I convert this to CEFR?

Conversion tools are available online.

Should my IELTS/TOEFL certificate be sent to you directly?

No. Please do not sent any documents by post. We will disregard any documents sent by post.

Do I need to know German or do I need a German language proficiency certificate for my application?

No. German proficiency is no requirement as our program is exclusively taught and assessed in English. Information on the LMU International Office website regarding German proficiency may be ignored as it applies only to programs in German.

I have many years work experience. Will this improve my chances for a successful application?

No. Work experience is not considered in the application process.

Do I have to pay a tuition fee?

There is no tuition fee, but a fee for student services and the basic semester ticket. For more information click here.

Am I eligible for a scholarship? How can I apply for a scholarship?

The program does not offer scholarships. You can find information on
scholarships here.



I am an international applicant. Do I also have to apply to the International Office?

As an international applicant you have to apply simultaneously to the LMU International Office if you do not hold German citizenship and have obtained your certificates/degree from non-German institutions.

Can I apply to the International Office after I have been admitted to the Data Science program?

No. You should apply simultaneously as the application to the Data Science program and the application to the International Office are two independent processes. The application deadlines differ.

Can I apply by email or by post?

No. We do not accept any applications by email or by post.

I have missed the application deadline. Can I still submit my documents?

No. We do not accept any late submissions.

Can I pursue this program on a part-time basis?

No, this is a full-time program

Is there any information event for the applicants?

Yes, you can visit our information event!