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Modules in the Summer Semester 2021

2nd Semester (2021 cohort)

Statistical Reasoning and Inference (Prof. Kauermann)
- Lecture: script online, lectures partly as downloadable videos and partly as inverted classroom
- Q&A sessions on zoom
- Exercises on zoom

Big Data Management and Analysis (Prof. Schubert)
- Lecture: downloadable videos (LMUCast)
- Exercises and model solutions via moodle
- Communication via moodle

Human Computation and Analytics (Prof. Bry / Prof. Butz)
- Practical with online consultation and offline team assignments (details will be announced by the professors)
- Consultation hours: Thursdays 12:15-13:45 on zoom

Predictive Modelling (Prof. Bischl)
- Lecture: videos (youtube)
- Exercises and model solutions as files
- Questions in the online forum
- Tutorial call on zoom once a week

Data Ethics and Data Security (Prof. Kranzlmüller)
- Lecture: via video conferencing
- Final presentations: video conferencing

Current Research (David Rügamer)

- Lecture: via video conferencing
- Presentations: video conferencing

Electives (selection)
Longitudinal Data Analysis (Prof. Scheipl)
- on zoom / inverted classroom

Other activities
Focused Tutorial Prof. Wand: This will take place online on Tuesday, 30 June (details to be announced closer to the date).
DS meets DP: Both lectures are postponed to the winter semester – dates see News and Events.
Summer school: We will have online sessions (details to be announced closer to the date).
Excursion Walchensee: canceled.