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Master thesis

Note that most documents are in German. Please read the Master thesis information sheet (or the Merkblatt) first, which explains which documents you need.

Master thesis information sheet (586 KByte) [English] / Merblatt Abschlussarbeiten (569 KByte) [German]

Attendance sheet (152 KByte) [English]

Anerkennung Studien/Prüfungsleistung (Credit approval) (49 KByte) [German]

Anmeldung Master thesis (Registration master thesis) (32 KByte) [German]

Nutzungsrechtevereinbarung (Usage rights agreement) (573 KByte) [German]

Antrag auf Zeugnisausstellung (Request for final certificate issuance) (122 KByte) [German]

German language courses

Application form for German language courses (15 KByte) [English]

German Language Course Reimbursement (39 KByte) [German]

German language courses_General info (136 KByte) [English]